InterModal Marketplace in Antwerpen

Withofs Bulk Logistics recently participated in the InterModal Marketplace Antwerpen, a key event for industry players to exchange insights on the evolving landscape of intermodal activities.

After a thoughtful visit, our Managing Director shared with the team some invaluable takeaways gathered through interactions with the other attendees. These insights shed light on the challenges and opportunities awaiting the logistics sector in the coming years.

Trucking Capacity: A Coming Challenge

One of the main concerns discussed at the event was the current state of trucking capacity. Although volumes in the trucking industry don't currently present high levels, this is estimated to change significantly within the next year. It is forecasted that trucking capacity will reach new heights. This surge, while presenting opportunities, also poses a significant risk to the industry's capacity to meet demands effectively.

The anticipated increase in worldwide trade is expected to increase intermodal demand. Consequently, container operators must be proactive in securing agreements with their hauliers. Guarantees and commitments on capacities will be paramount to ensure a smooth and reliable flow of goods.

Withofs Bulk Logistics' Investment in Intermodal Capacity

Recognizing these upcoming challenges, we took a proactive approach last year by investing in expanding its intermodal capacity. This strategic decision included among other steps, the acquisition of additional trucks and chassis, positioning us strongly to navigate the anticipated industry surge.

This strategic expansion not only positions Withofs Bulk Logistics as a reliable partner, but it also showcases our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our clients. By boosting our capacity, we aim to offer seamless and efficient logistics solutions, ensuring our clients' goods reach their destinations on time, every time.

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