Driver shortage: Withofs Transport deals with it.

Like anyone in our sector: finding good drivers is a bottle neck to grow. Therefore we join every good initiative that contributes to it. 'Fast Track CE','Young ones in transport', 'Love2truck', etc.

This time we were asked to join a nation wide campaign 'adventurous jobs'. Every federation, union, truck constructor and any other transport organisation has become part of it. One of our truck drivers will be the ambassador of the campaign. She testifies why working as a truck driver is her live. Hopefully she inspires a lot of other men and women to follow her in a very important sector. Besides a world without transport stands still. We need them. #DriversAreHeros

Our driver Marleen worked as a seamstress for years. When her children were grown up, she decided to go after her dream and become a truck driver. She followed in her father's footsteps and had the opportunity to retrain her and get her CE driving license.Watch her video here.

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