Discover our new debagging facilities

Withofs Logistics is proud to announce a new service we can offer you : debagging BB’s into a silo truck. Products are produced overseas and packed into BB’s shipped in deapsea containers and we redeliver them with a silo truck to your customers.

We can offer you the following services : 

-          Customs clearance, T1 for outside EU, through our partners

-          Transport of the deapsea container from the quay to the warehouse

-          Warehousing of the BB’s in required circumstances

-          Rebulking into silo truck/silo container with different size of sieves

-          Delivering all over Europe by road or intermodal silo containers. We do this in collaboration with our trusted partners, so we can offer you everywhere competitive prices

-          For all your minerals and granulates

Watch us debagging BB's into a silo:

Our main advantages are :

-          1st contact from quay to your customer all over Europe

-          The use of a broad network

-          Specialists in bulk minerals

“ The reason we choose for Withofs, is to give out everything to one contact, who is also flexible and can assist us in all our needs”.

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