Withofs Transport helps to improve road safety

Limburg improve transport along the road

Febetra Association and the Institute (IMOB / Hasselt University) have joined together to help improve safety on our roads. "Every year there are many accidents involving trucks. We must intervene", says the transport sector. The project will involve seven Limburg transport companies: TDL Group, Alders Transport & Logistics, Transportation MTL, H. Essers, Lux Transport, Withofs Transport and Transport Gielen. The Febetra / IMOB project results out of a collaboration with the Logistics Platform Limburg (LPL) and is part of the Innovation platform Smart Logistics Limburg.

The Febetra and IMOB project will initially, through in-depth analyzes, make clear the main cuases of truck accidents. For this, the partners are working together with the Belgian Road Safety Institute (BRSI). "In these analyzes, we use specific accident data provided by the participating transport companies of Limburg", the researches said.

Implementing Best Practices
Following this analysis, a safety platform will be set up where companies can be inspired by best practices at companies in the transport sector. "A company that steps in the project automatically becomes a member of the "safety platform and gets access to the (anonymous) results of the in-depht analyzes of different business cases. A company can then implement other best practices in their own way" says Pascal Vranken of Febetra.

Safety culture
"Transport companies are already striving towards a safety culture among drivers and do on that front much effort. They organize awareness campaigns on Facebook or they introduce coaches and mentors", said Febetra. Yet there is still much work to be done to raise the risk awareness. "The commitment, motivation and support of the drivers play an important role".

Integration truck charter
"To achieve a culture of safety, we will analyze the driving style of truck drivers and the company's safety policy in the project", the researchers said. "By indentifying the 'problems' in the company, you can respond to it and a security strategy can be drawn. The goal is to integrate the safety culture in the truck charter drawn up by the Flemish Foundation for Traffic Knownledge".

"The transport companies are an important ally in the fight against the shame of the Flemish 390 fatalities in 2015", concludes Flemish Minister for Mobility Ben Weyts. "This smart partnership combines two recipes: learning from the mistakes of the past and learn from inspiring success stories. I am pleased that the Limburg sector is committed to make traffic safer".

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