Withofs Transport Company through the years

The start

The roots of Transport Withofs go back to the interbellum period, when horse and cart were the most classic ways of transport. Buying a truck at that time was not obvious. Nevertheless Guillaume Withofs saw a future in this new way of transport and he made a first investment in 1930. Nobody could foresee that this would become the basis for the successfull company Withofs is today.

Inspired by the entrepreneurial enthousiasm from their parents, the three sons of Guillaume and Liza started working in the family business; Maurice took care of sales, Pierre became responsible for the fleet maintenance and Willy took care of dispatching. Without losing the family atmosphere the company was capable to position itself in different segments of transportation. A mentality of responding in a flexible way to the customer needs and assuring a reliable service ensured a steady growth of the company.

The 70's

To follow the rythm of continuous expansion a new premises had been purchased in 1971, after which started the construction of a new workshop. In 1975 the expansion work started to broaden the Albert canal. Nearly 7.5 million tons and 2.5 million tons of gravel was transported through the Maasland to fill the gravel pits.

The 80's

On the stuctural side, the company was transformed into Withofs Transport Company NV. Also Withofs General Enterprises was established as a sister company specializing in ground works. Trying to anticipate the future Withofs began transporting deposit containers for industrial and private use as well as the international transport with covered trailors.

Gradually the company evolved from a local partner to a European oriented company. To expand the competence portfolio Withofs Transport bought the first tank trailer in 1988 for the transport of chalk and water glass.

The 90's

In the early 90's there was a shift in the organization chart, Pierre and Maurice Withofs remained the 2 managers of the second-generation active in the company. Meanwhile, the service offering was expanded with container transport to and from the port of Antwerp as well as the intermodal transport of tank and bulk containers to the hinterland terminals.

The 21st century

-In the company's executive board there was a change: Pierre Withofs took a step back and Gino Withofs (son of Maurice), became the company leader of the 3rd generation. In the field of transport Withofs started with the bulk transport of limestone and cement in Belgium and it's neighboring countries.

-Continuous investments to grow the available transport capacity as well as modernizing the fleet to follow the most modern truck technologies have brought Withofs Transport to it's actual position: a successfull middle sized specialized transport company known for it's professionalism and great service.

-This year, 2020, Withofs Transport will celebrate it's 90th anniversary. A new vision/mission statement has been set-up to prepare the company toward the future. A key element in this will be the broadening of it's scope towards more supply chain activities to further unburden it's customer. Where needed, additional investments will be made to facilitate this new goal as well as to grow the company.

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