Ship loading with chalk slurry

Customer demand

Convert long distance chalk slurry road transport to ship transport. Request to load the ship very fast with our tank trailers.

The problem
  • The chalk factory is not located near a canal so that the ship can not dock near the factory
  • The ship should be charged in a minimum time
  • Very high cost when a ship lies idle at the quay. Minimum loading time to be targeted to make the project a succes.
Our solution
  • 4 tank trailers are foreseen with maximum load
  • When loading at the plant, priority is given to Withofs Transport.
  • Tank trailers are unloaded by means of an external mobiel compressor, limiting the discharging time of 2 trailers to 20 minutes.
  • Guaranteed 24 hour service allowing the customer to work on the basis of a call off system covering the unreliable arrival time of the ships.

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