Development and implementation of special sludge containers

Customer demand

  • Disposing of sludge waste from a factory to a landfill.

The problem

  • Inefficient & too small existing containers.
  • Spill of material when lifting the container on the truck & via the top during transport.
  • The rear bulk head was not watertight.
  • While unloading, the hard slurry deposit remained partly in the container.


  • Frequent cleaning need of container, truck, loading place & sometimes road.
  • Spill of material during loading to be collected in the waste water treatment system.
  • Too frequent transports due to too small size of containers.

Our solution

  • The development of a new larger container with a waterproof rear partition & cover on top.
  • Special Teflon bottom, so that the sludge can better slide out.
  • 24 hours service was guaranteed to empty the containers on demand of the customer.
  • Fitting of a flexible discharge hose into the opening of the container so that spilling was reduced to a minimum.

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