Intermodal trucking

Over the past years we have noticed, that the know-how in carrying out the haulage of industrial bulk goods can be used for the traction of tank- and bulkcontainers. The knowledge our drivers have acquired within our own activities can also be used for the intermodal trucking.

Within this branch we are already several years active and until today we have even become specialists in offering intermodal trucking for 30” bulkcontainers.



  • Loading and unloading in the area of the harbour- and train terminals of Antwerp, Muizen, Genk, Renory, Bierset, Charleroi, Born, Köln, Duisburg, Neuss, …
  • The petrochemical industry has no secrets anymore to us. We are daily at companies such as BP, Ineos, Dow, BASF, Bayer, Tessenderlo Chemie, Borealis, Solvin, Basell, etc.
  • 24 container chassis equipped with a 20” and 30” connection (light weighted, ADR)
  • 1 x 40” container chassis
  • 8 tipping-chassis provided with a 30" or 40" connection
  • 4 tipping-chassis provided with a 30" connection and an EDC Inox Rotary Valve
  • For this traction our lightest trucks are put in service (with or without compressor)