Liquid bulk goods

The transport of liquid bulk goods represents 40% of our activities. Our trucks assure the haulage of liquid raw materials (e.g.; chalk and lime slurries, glues, silicas, caustic sodas, soaps, formaldehydes, chlorides, ) with the manufacturing industry as destination.

We are also specialized in the transport of ADR-products


22 Tank semitrailers (BNL,F,D,GB,S,DK,I,E)

  • insulated with thermometer
  • 1 or more compartments
  • volume of 6,000 till 42,000 liters
  • several tank trailers are ADR equipped
  • stainless steel tanksor coated aluminium tanks
  • equipped with or without compressor
  • discharging valves in the front, middle or back


4 bulk semitrailers (BNL,F,D,GB,S,DK,I,E)

  • 1 compartment
  • volume of 28,000 till 36,000 liters
  • non insulated, can be heated
  • aluminium coated tanks
  • equipped with compressor and stirring system