Aiming at global solutions

Withofs Transport aims at a real partnership with the industry concerning all its logistic issues and actions.

Together we are looking for global solutions pre-eminently using road transport as a means of transport.

Our mission = Industribution

The term industribution resumes in one word the mission of Transport Withofs. By drawing together the words "industry" and "distribution", Withofs clearly indicates that the core business of the company consists of the distribution of dry and liquid bulk by international road transport from and to industrial companies.

To achieve those goals, Withofs chooses to be customer minded as a solutions provider and works with long-term partnerships. Hereby Quality and safety are priorities; fair prices, neutrality and felxbility will be taken into account. The employees are vital within the company and they need to be chosen, trained and supported carefully.

  Optimizing your supply-chain

An optimal cooperation between supplier and customer requires the use of an integrated approach with respect to the work scheme. That's why in the capacity of transporter, we try to form an integral part of the logistic chain.

If possible we try to influence the original supply-chain to such an extent that the overall logistic cost can be reduced to a minimum.

  Our Core-business = road transport

This way we create a loyalty which enables the supplier and the customer to concentrate on their own core-business.

In the capacity of logistic supplier we aim at the operational aspect which makes it possible to reach an optimal output of our capacity.

The customer, on the other hand, can adapt the process for the benefit of his final product.

  The segment of bulk material

Bulk material is understood to mean goods that can be transported loosely. They can vary from all kinds of raw material (gravel), to semimanufactured products (PVC powder), from solid substances to liquids (soap).We deal with anything that can or must be transported in bulk.