The future

With respect to the future we hope to extend the fleet which will bring along a number of advantages. Moreover it will be necessary to expand a solid and hard working group to cope with the competition.

Therefore we need intense forms of cooperation with our potential customers. To convince them we want to enhance our flexibility and increase our service level. We think we can realise this by offering added value.



Create added value!

To transport bulk material we can add and/or improve the following services: 

  • (box and tank) container repair and cleaning
  • further development of rolling stock meeting the customer's needs
  • giving online information (any kind of information at the customer's request) by means of the internet (eg. prices, feedback of operational data, ...)
  • help to optimize the supply-chain by offering global solutions
  • looking for permanent partners to be able to offer our present customers the full multimodal haul
  • trying to reach the SQAS standard
  • ...

Our future development will inevitably merge on the international level. Maritime and rail-route transport will become more important in the future without really harming road transport. That's where we want to play an important role.




Last but not least, in 2010 our company exist 80 year.