Our team

Withofs Transport tries to create a healthy work atmosphere in order to give everybody the opportunity to function freely which is to the firm's - and your - advantage.



Business managers



Maurice and Gino Withofs of the company, and Pierre Withofs is still supporting them.  They are responsible for the good order within the offices and the workshop.  With the help of their competent staff they are aiming optimal logistical services.






In the offices

7 assistants have the administrative part under control, which is divided as follows.

General Manager

Gino Withofs


Planning Tank/Bulk

Xavier Nivelle


Planning Intermodal

Jurgen Hermans


SHEQ Manager

Dany Jamaer


Key Account Manager

Didier Dimbiermont


Outgoing invoinces 

Evy Delsaer


Accountancy and administration

Bob Dackus


Personnel Management

Nicole Winten




In the workshop 


For the maintenance of our fleet, our company has an own workshop, she is employing 5 well-trained mechanics.  They are responsible for the maintenance and the repairs of our trucks and trailers.  Besides this we can offer their skills to our customers. For more information, mail to rudi.crijns@withofs.be or gaston.bruggen@withofs.be.


e.g. container repair, construction of special structures (see projects), repair vehicles of our customers, development of technical niches for customers, etc.





On the road


Our drivers are the best publicity for our company.  By the contacts with your and our customers they establish our image.  Therefore we as a company pay much attention to the correct execution of their transport order.


Yearly some of our drivers are rewarded by the famous title “Knights of the Road”.


At this moment Withofs Transport is employing 55 drivers and 12 more are in a permanent charter service.