Faithfull costumers

As a transporting company we deliberately chose not to be dependent on a limited number of customers. This way we can keep a proper proportion of the sales figures which are well spread over various customers.

The privileged relations that we have developed automatically lead to optimal adjustments of the postulated demands and better investments in adjusted material. That's why we are convinced of the fact that a long-term cooperation will lead to full satisfaction of the customer.

Withofs transporting company has been known for years as a reliable supplier. We live up to our promises. This is best demonstrated by the loyalty of our customers.





  • With respect to tank transport we work for the firms Silmaco, Schenker-BTL, Omya and Specialty Minerals. We take care of the transport of chalk and silicate for them in Belgium and foreign countries.
  • The transport of gravel and sand is more regionally situated. Our tip up trucks are responsible for the transport to and from the pits for the following firms: Groep Gralex (L.K.W. - N.G.M. - Beez), Groep S.D.H. (S.B.S. - Belmagri - Eurogri) and the Kempens Kiezelbedrijf.
  • On the intermodal level we work for many Intermodal Operators. F.i. Paganella, Bulkhaul, Schmidt, Bertschi, Ewals intermodal, etc.The market sector is situated in the area of the railway terminals in the Eurregion Maas-Rijn.
  • The transport of waste containers is mainly performed by order of Intercompost and G.R.L..This includes the transportation of glass, compost, garden refuse, manure and rubble.