Friday, 1 August 2008

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Recent Investments


Rotary Vlave

Withofs keeps growing!


They have bought two 30" tipping chassis with rotary valve. This equipment will be used to unload non-pressurized dry bulk containers with rice, grains and all sort of granulates into silos. But, it is also especially build to unload pulvers like, for instance, PVC.


Because safety is one of our main objectives, this chassis has the latest safety options like, sensorized ladder and safety bridge on top, full EBS which include Roll Stability Controll, rotary valve with sensorized stop mechanism. And last but not least fully trained (rotary unloadings, BBS, Ecodring, etc...) drivers.




tank trailerBesides this, they also invested in 2 new tank trailers.One is for dangerous goods, 30 m³ volume, with one compartement and insulated. The other is a 42 m³ tank with 3 compartements and insulated.


They willl strenghten our tank trailer fleet, so that we have 24 in total for the moment.





Withofs Safety Day


This year, our annual event took place on the fifth of July. Our intention remains the same, decreasing the number of accidents and breakdowns by training and communication.

° Integrated Quality Control

IQCOur first speaker was Didier Dimbiermont, key account manager at Withofs Tranport. He explained a survey of the complaints we recieved from our clients during the past year. This made the drivers aware of what went wrong and how to act in the right way if this situation may occur in the future. The number of complaints is reduced with 8% during the last year.  

° Ecodriving

EcodrivingEcodriving learns you to drive in such a way so that you reduce the fuel consumption and the CO2 emissions. The most important subjects are: - Tyre pressure - Air resistance/aerodynamics -  and, Drive in the right gear 

We made use of a professionally DVD offered by a Belgian Environmental Association 'Bond Beter Leefmilieu'

° Digital Tacho and driving regulation

tachoWe hired also a specialized speaker, who explained our drivers how to use the digital tachounit in a right way. How works the display, printing etc.? What to do when your electronic drivers card malfunction or when you lose it? Many questions were answered.

For the most of the drivers, it was also good to have a refreshment on  the driving regulation. It still keeps a great challenge even for the most professional driver.


Safety Award

This year Withofs Transport became second as nominee for the << Transport Safety Award >> organized by the Belgian Publisher 'Transport Media'. We are very proud, but we hope, after a third place in 2005 to win this award in the near future.


Safety award video

With Best Regards, The Withofs Team
Gino, Maurice, Xavier, Edith, Yven, Bob, Karine, Nicole, Daphne,  Didier