Wednesday, 1 August 2007

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Every year Withofs Transport organizes a Safety Day. All our drivers and sub-contractors are invited to participate in this event. Our goal is to decrease the number of accidents and breakdowns by training and communication. This year our Safety Day was held on the 23rd of June.

DidierIntegrated Quality Control

Our first speaker was Didier Dimbiermont, Key Account Manager at Withofs Transport. He gave a survey of the complaints we received from our clients during the past year. The goal of this meeting is to make our drivers aware of what went wrong and how to act in the right way if this situation may occur in the future. In the long term we are convinced that this will contribute to a decrease of the number of complaints and to an increase of our customer satisfaction.

TVMRisk Management

Our second speaker was Bruno Nijs, Risk Manager at TVM insurances. He gave a summary about the traffic accidents caused by Withofs during the last four years. Our dammage percentage is decreasing every year and it is below the average percentage of our sector.

Bruno also explained what to do if you get an accident in Germany. The law in Germany is different as the Belgian law, and this can cause a problem in case of an accident

Front MirrorThe Look-ahead Mirror

Our last speaker was Gaston Bruggen, BBS-trainer at Withofs Transport. He made our drivers aware of the advantages of a well focused mirror and the danger of the death angle in the mirror. He also explained the new Look-ahead mirror.

The advantage of this mirror is that you can see if someone stands before your truck. This is not possible with the other type of mirrors. Since the beginning of this year all our new trucks are equipped with this mirror.



As we have a good experience with just-in-time deliveries and stock control at the unloading places, we have decided to coöperate with one of our main customers to implement the ORBITÒ- system. This means we have the consumptions and the stock levels at the unloading site. Together with the supplier we decide when to deliver.  Some of the orbitadvantages are :

  •  better stock control
  •  customer don’t need to worry anymore about ordering the raw materials.

In fact this system is comparable with another system we have in use where we get the consumptions and stock levels each hour by automated SMS.




Withofs Transport has invested in 8 additional 30” containerchassis. They will be used in the intermodal transport for bulk containers and on peak moments expand our tankfleet. We use our very own 20” tankcontainers to cope with our costumers demand in liquid roadtransport.

With Best Regards, The Withofs Team