Wednesday, 18 April 2007


After the release of our first newsletter at 28/11/06, we thought it was time to provide you the latest news and developments of our company.



Tank Transport

Investment in 4 tanktrailers.

o         2 adr tanktrailers with one compartiment, insulated and a capacity of 23m³ an 30m³.

o         2 tanktrailers with three compartiments, insulated and a capacity of 42m³

Our choise to invest in tanktrailers with three compartiments had a double reason: we wanted to decrease our numbers of tankcleanings and also decrease the pollution of our environment caused by this cleanings.

intermodalIntermodal transport

Our intermodal department is still growing due to the growth of the terminal of Genk. Several new customers who are also operating from the terminal of Genk found their way to us.

As a result of this increase we’re planning to invest in additional equipment such as 30” tipping containerchassis with rotary valve and flat 30” containerchassis.


All our eleven intermodal drivers have received their Behaviour Based Safety certificate. Now we’ve started to train the drivers of our other divisions. Five tank drivers and one container driver have already received their BBS certificate. Our goal is to certify all our tank and bulk drivers by the end of this year.  

bbsThe goal of Behaviour Based Safety

Increase the safety in the road transportation by influencing in a positive way the driving style of our drivers by observation, training and communication. We make the drivers aware of  the advantages of a defensive driving style. These adventages are :

  • less accidents

  • less fuel consumption

  • less breakdowns

  • a better environment with less co2

These BBS trainings are given by our own BBS certified trainer.


innovationW’re proud to inform you that the Belgium magazine “Transport Managment” nominated us for best innovation of the year, and that we where one of the three finalists. The reason for our nomination was the introduction of e-commerce in our company by sending a newsletter to our excisting and potential customers. This kind of commerce is still not common in the transport bussines and therefore seen as innovative.

In 2005 we already received the third price as nominee for the Transport Safety Award organised by the Belgium magazine “ Truck and Business”. This means that our efforts to improve our company are also noticed by transport related companys and that Withofs Transport is becoming a reference in the transport business.

With Best Regards, The Withofs Team