Dinsdag, 28 november 2006


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Gino Withofs, General Manager Withofs Transport." 


The company "Withofs transport" was established in 1930, they started with one truck. Today ( 76 years later) the company has a fleet of 47 trucks and operates in 5 different branches.

Tank Transport

Transport of liquid products such as carbonates, silica, glue, formaldehyde and soap in the Benelux, Germany, France, Sweden and Scotland.
We have
got 20 tanktrailors with a capacity from 20m³ to 42m³. The tanktrailors are insulated, have compartments, and some of them are ADR equipped.

siloBulk transport

Transport of solid products as cement, zinc powder, lime and salt in the Benelux, Germany and the Northern France.
We have got 5 non tipping silo bulks with a capacity of 35m³ and 2 tipping bulk trucks with a capacity of 36m³ and 60m³. Both tipping bulk trucks are ADR equipped.

tipperTipping transport

Transport of solid products as gravel and sand in Belgium, the South of the Netherlands and in the Ruhr in Germany. Our specialism consist in the whole supply of internal transport between industrial sites. Also the loading activities we do ourselves with own machinery.
We’ve got 13 tipping carts.

intermodalIntermodal Bulk/Tanktransport

We pick up containers at a multimodal platform. Our specialised BBS-drivers load or unload for a mulitmodal operator and bring it back to a rail/barge/road terminal. We operate mainly on the terminals of Antwerp, Genk, Rotterdam, Neuss, Duisburg and Koln.
We have got 13 container chassis with a 20”, 30” and 40” connection, some chassis are ADR equipped. We’ve got also 2 tipping container chassis with a 30” connection, they are both ADR equipped.

containerWaste containers

We are specialised in placing containers at companies or at private persons for the transport of glass, building waste, green waste and dangerous waste in Belgium and in the Netherlands.
We have got 4 fully equipped cehicles for the container transport who operate daily with 100 containers (12m³ to 40 m³). We are certified by the Flemish, Walloon and Dutch Governement for the transportation of dangerous and non-dangerous waste.


Extension of intermodal transport at Withofs.

Investment in 2 tipping container chassis and 3 container chassis because of an increase in work in our intermodal department.

BBS drivers

4 of our intermodal drivers have received the Behaviour Based Safty certificate. This is a course in which you learn how to drive safe, preventive, defensive and in an economic way. You learn also to respect the safety requirements in the chemical industry.
Our goal is to certify all of our intermodal drivers at the end of 2007 with our own certified trainer.

With Best Regards, The Withofs Team