Thursday, 18 December 2008

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Knight of the Road 2008

Every year our insurance company TVM distributes awards to the safest professional drivers, the so-called "Knights of the Road". They will be awarded for their years of driving without an accident, respectively 10 years (gold), 5 years (silver), 3 years (bronze). Only a small percentage of drivers achieves this honor. This prevention campaign is reinforced by the election of the "Knight of the Road 2008" given by Flemish minister of Mobility Kathleen Van Brempt. Transport Withofs is very proud to inform you that their driver, Golden Knight Danny Huygen, has become the Knight of 2008.

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Gold, Silver and Bronze Knights

The election was a big success for Transport Withofs. Besides the "Knight of the Road", also another Golden Knight, one Silver Knight and three Bronze Knights have been decorated.

The other Knights:

Manfred Biesmans (Golden)
Gaston Bruggen (Silver)
Rudi Morias (Bronze)
Gino Delie (Bronze)
Raymond Geraerts (Bronze)

Innovation & Creativity

We want you to invite us! Why? We are a young and dynamic team, always looking for new adventures. We would like to introduce our sense of innovation and creativity to you. But this can only happen if we can cooperate with an open-minded customer. Let us work together and think about out-of-the-box concepts. If you are interested to meet us... don't hesitate!

Here you can see some of our latest investments in cooperation with our clients:

° 1 tipping silo truck for dangerous goods

A coated aluminium tank which is lighter than stainless steel. This ables us to transport dangerous goods on a profitable way by lowering our own weight without harming the safety of the transports of dangerous products. As an extra safety device, we use only T-W couplings (or known as the German coupling) instead of storz-couplings. Storz couplings need an extra device to be secured and are not complete safe. There remains a risk that the driver could be injured during discharging and the use of hoses. T-W couplings are always secured and 100% safe when coupled.

 ° 2 non-insulated lightweight road tankers

To provide our customers an answer to the growing demand for competitive prices. These road tankers provide us the ability to load more on short distances than with insulated road tankers.

° 12 new trucks

The 12 new trucks are all Euro 5. 6 are equiped with a tankcompressor (2 of them for dangerous goods), 2 are equiped with bulkcompressor and 4 lightweight trucks for intermodal trucking.


Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! That you may find lots of love, joy and happiness. Let 2009 be a good year for the economy and let us leave the recession behind us. Also in 2009 we will do our very best to maintain and improve the good service for your needs. And we hope te extend a good cooperation with your company!



With Best Regards, The Withofs Team
Gino, Edith, Maurice, Xavier, Yven, Bob, Nicole, Evy, Didier

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